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Safety and Citizenship


Actions include training of young people and women

Among the main actions of Pronasci in crime prevention are the Women for Peace Project and the Protection of at Risk Youths (I Protect) Project. In the former, women receive training on construction of identity, community mobilization, nonviolent conflict resolution and education for a culture of peace, combating violence, human rights and gender, the Maria da Penha Woman’s Rights Law and countering human trafficking, along with basic notions of law, computer usage and entrepreneurship..

Participants of the Women of Peace Project act to prevent violence against children and against women.  Photo Portal Brasil/PublicityThose selected for the project receive a monthly allowance of R$ 190 to act to prevent violence against youths and women, ranging from offering guidance to forwarding victims to the social assistance network  and for projects like I Protect. This, in turn, monitors young people between 15 and 24 years old who are at risk within their families or are socially vulnerable, former convicts or carrying out social-educational sentences.

The young I Protect beneficiaries receive a monthly allowance of R$ 100 for a year and attend professional training, computer and technology classes as well as human rights, sexuality, self-esteem and prevention of crime and involvement with drugs, and sports activities, culture and leisure sessions.

National Program for Public Safety with Citizenship