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International Cooperation

Brazil has closer relations with the armed forces of countries in South America, Africa and the BRICS

The creation of the Defense Council of UNASUR create a permanent dialogue between the armed forces of South American countries and expanded joint initiatives / Photo: Unasur / Disclosure Certain that cooperation is the best guarantee for peace, Brazil’s defense strategy follows the course of foreign policy and maintains permanent relationships with the armed forces of neighboring countries, African and emerging nations like the BRICS (Russia, India , China and South Africa).

Cooperation takes many faces: joint military maneuvers, the creation of training centers; partnership in the development of weapons and training for the military of friendly nations.

From the creation of the Defense Council of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) in 2008, the dialogue between the forces of the continent's countries became permanent and joint initiatives will the same way.  In February 2014, the countries of UNASUR decided to create the South American Defense School, a new space for reflection and training of civilian and military forces, that will encourage the development of a South American defense identity.

With the BRICS, the relationships became closer. In addition to joint military maneuvers with the Indian navy, Brazil, in 2006, signed an agreement with South Africa for companies from both countries to create and produce a new 5th generation air-to-air missile, a project that is now in final stage development. Still in Africa, FAB maintains an ongoing program of training for Mozambican officials.

The Brazilian Navy, in turn, guided the creation of the Namibian Navy, which trains its personnel in Brazil and has the support of a Brazilian team in Namibia.  Brazil also donated  a Purus corvette and supervised the acquisition by Namibia of a patrol craft and two speed boats made ​​in Brazil, already delivered.




UNASUR develops first regional defense aircraft

Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Ecuador working on joint development of a Regional Training Aircraft, first defense aircraft for UNASUR. The aircraft will be produced at Fabrica Argentina de Aviones (FADEA).

The construction of the aircraft, another step in the consolidation of continental integration, strengthens the defense industry in South America as a whole. For Brazil, the project provides the entry of domestic companies into markets dominated by other countries.

Unasur is also working on developing a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and a Cyber Defense project at the regional level.