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Surveillance, repression and intelligence against organized crime

Introduced by President Dilma in June 2011, the Strategic Border Plan consolidates the choice of PT governments to relentlessly tackle organized crime, through surveillance, repression and intelligence, through the unprecedented combination of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Federal Police and other security forces.

Strategic Border Plan involves Army, Navy, Air Force, Federal Police, Federal Highway Police and National Security Force / Photo: Jorge Cardoso / Ministry of Defense

Apprehension of guns and drugs improves border security throughout the country

In eight different attacks, Operation Agatha seized 71 tons of drugs and destroyed several clandestine airstrips, used for drug trafficking Photo: Jorge Cardoso / Ministry of Defense The Strategic Border Plan consists of two operations: Sentinel and Agate. Coordinated by the Ministry of Justice, Operation Sentinel is permanent. Its activities, focusing on the work of research and intelligence and joint actions by the Federal Police, Federal Highway Police and National Security Force, have contributed to disrupting transnational criminal organizations, through the seizure of weapons, drugs, contraband and money, with arrests of those involved in the act.

Operation Agatha, coordinated by the Ministry of Defense, mobilizes Navy, Army and Air Force personnel to act, periodically, at strategic points of the border. During these operations, tactical missions are carried out to curb criminal activities such as drug trafficking, smuggling, trafficking in arms and ammunition, environmental crimes and illegal mining. The actions range from surveillance of airspace to patrol and inspection operations on the main rivers and roads that provide access to the country.

Fighting crime and providing medical care to isolated communities

Triggered for the first time in August 2011, Operation Agatha in eight different operations has covered the entire length of the Brazilian land border.   The first operation, in August 2011, included some 3000 military personnel. Agatha 8, held in April 2014,  mobilized 30,000 soldiers, operating in 11 Brazilian states bordering Suriname, French Guiana, Guyana, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay.

The eight operations recorded the seizure of 71 tons of drugs. At the same time, 69,000 medical consultations were carried out, and dental care, medicine and lessons on basic hygiene were supplied by the operations to bring basic health care to isolated communities.

While fighting organized crime at the border, Operation Agatha brings medical care to isolated communities / Photo: Jorge Cardoso / Ministry of Defense