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O povo em primeiro lugar

My home, My life


More advantages for those with less

Our home is our haven. It's where we raise children, receive friends, spend the happiest hours of the day. A house is everyone’s right, but not everyone can afford to buy or build his or her own, even if they fight for this during their entire lifetime. Lula created the My House, My Life program for these Brazilians. It provides funding to families with gross incomes of up to R$ 5,000. The priority is for those earning up to R$ 1,600 monthly, who pay 5% of their income for the funding over ten years.

In the up to R$ 3,275 monthly bracket, the subsidy is up to R$ 25,000, inversely proportional to income. For families with income up to R$ 5,000 a month, the benefit is offered through a reduction in the home financing interest rate, ranging from 5% to 7.16%, depending on family income.

Installments that fit the pocketbook

A survey conducted by the Institute for Applied Economic Research (IPEA) reveals that the monthly loan installment payment in the My House, My Life program is lower than the beneficiaries pay for monthly electricity, water, gas and condominium services. These expenditures, according to IPEA, total an average of R$ 105.35, whereas the loan installment payment for beneficiaries with incomes from zero to R$ 1,600 is about R$ 64.96. The numbers prove the program is, in fact, accessible to the population’s poorest strata.

New house, new and better life

Do you remember the old truism: "my neighbor's garden is always more beautiful than mine?" Well, that’s not the case in the My House, My Life program. Each family now claims its house is the most beautiful in the entire neighborhood. Plus, on a scale of 0 to 10, the program’s beneficiaries awarded an 8.8 score for the item "satisfaction with the dwelling" and 8.6 for "improved quality of life." Ipea conducted the survey using a sample of 7,620 residences located in 187 municipalities.

Do it yourself

Another important innovation is My House, My Life  - Entities, created with the goal of enabling families to organize themselves into cooperatives, private nonprofit organizations and urban associations to act as promoters/organizers of social interest housing programs, which strengthens citizenship practices. In this mode, popular organizations reinforce the education and grassroots organization processes, just as important as housing construction per se.

Aimed at families with gross monthly income of up to R$ 1,600, through May 2014 My House, My Life  - Entities had contracted 43,175 houses in all regions of Brazil, of which 3,000 already have been delivered.


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