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AGP spends R$ 1.3 trillion on construction projects and state companies’ investment sets a new record

What was a barrier to growth turned into a growth opportunity. While the previous governments abandoned the construction and maintenance of highways, railways, ports, airports, hydroelectric plants and refineries, the solution of the democratic and popular government was to give the country the necessary infrastructure to grow more and more. The Growth Acceleration Program (AGP) turned ​​Brazil into a huge construction site, based on public investment and public-private partnerships. A total of R$ 1.5 trillion was invested between 2007 and 2014. In ten years, investment by state companies had real growth of 205%, from R$ 37.2 billion in 2003 to a record high of R$ 113,.5 billion in 2013.

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The AGP turned ​​Brazil into a site filled with strategic projects such as the recovery of the port of São Francisco do Sul (RS) Photo: Blog do Planalto / PR

Government infrastructure concession grants by the Dilma Administration are increasingly attracting private capital, both domestic and foreign. There were 18 auctions in the areas of transport, energy, oil and gas in 2013, to generate employment and income and boost the economy as a whole. The contracts will bring a total of R$ 80.3 billion in investment: R$ 28.7 billion in highway construction, R$ 26.6 billion in power generation, R$ 8.7 billion in transmission lines, R$ 7 billion in airports, R$ 6.9 billion in oil and gas (only under the Minimum Exploration Program, which evaluates the commercial potential of the bid fields) and R$ 2.4 billion in port improvements.

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