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North, Northeast and Center-West increase share of job total

When he ran in the 2002election, Lula said Brazil needed to create 10 million jobs. The phrase was twisted and became a laughingstock among political opponents, who considered creating so many jobs to be impossible or absurd.

Government policies, however, did much more than that: by the end of Lula’s terms in 2010, over 15 million jobs in Brazil had been created. After three years in office, Dilma’s administration had added another 4.5 million. And the North, Northeast and Center-West are setting consecutive job creation records. The result is that the share of these regions in the stock of formal jobs in Brazil is growing.

And the Bolsa Família, which for years was regarded by the opposition as a sop for the poor and a reason for discouraging workers from getting a real job, actually helps create jobs. In the Northeast, where 51.1% of the program’s beneficiaries are located, from 2004 to 2012, 807,000 jobs were created and maintained thanks to the increased power of consumption of the beneficiary families. This is yet another example of the powerful virtuous circle of social policies implemented by Lula and Dilma and their regional impact.