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National Security Force


The National Force fights drug trafficking and even deforestation in the Amazon Jungle

These police forces only come into play when a state government authorizes or requests them from the federal government. This was the case in Rio de Janeiro, to face drug trafficking gangs, and against strikes by military police in Ceará, Bahia and Pernambuco. In April 2014, for example, the National Force conducted 30 simultaneous operations in 16 states. Since 2008, it operates in the Amazon, suppressing illegal logging, and over a period of  five years has investigated 1,022 sawmills, and seized 868,000 cubic meters of wood, 266 chainsaws and 194 tractors.

Since 2011, the National Force served in 83 operations in 19 states to strengthen security in the face of riots in prisons and long strikes by public security organs, as well as supporting the actions of the Safer Brazil and Border Programs.