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Republican Federal Police


More investment, more operations, more criminals behind bars and criminal organizations disrupted

The strategy of Lula and Dilma was always to back the police precinct chiefs and agents, invest heavily in intelligence and weapons with the acquisition of the latest equipment, respond to the physical and financial firepower of criminal organizations involved in drug trafficking, arms smuggling, cargo theft, corruption and money laundering, among others.

In the eight years of the Lula government, the Federal Police carried out 1,273 operations involving long-term investigations and mobilization of police to perform simultaneous arrests, with a total of 15,754 people arrested. In the Dilma government, the pace was even more intense: from January 2011 to April 2014 no less than 922 operations were carried out, which resulted in more than 6,400 arrests.

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Federal police - Technology and intelligence at the service of citizenry